What You Need to Know about Neck Arthritis

If you suffer from stiffness of the neckNeck Arthritis, or if pain or discomfort in your neck and shoulders negatively impact your daily activities, then this may be the perfect opportunity to visit a chiropractor in Walnut Creek.

About Neck Arthritis

In many senses, neck arthritis – known more specifically as cervical osteoarthritis – is a common symptom of aging and can indicate that bones, joints and discs in the neck muscles have been overworked and are losing some of their flexibility and functionality. The degeneration of these muscles and joints create stiffness and sensations of discomfort in patients.

Range of motion is impeded and tasks like driving and physical activity can become more challenging when a patient is experiencing the symptoms associated with neck arthritis. However, it is important to be cognizant of the fact that not all neck pain is of an arthritic nature. The sources of neck pain can be ambiguous and that is why visiting a chiropractor in Walnut Creek is so vital.
Neck Arthritis

Chiropractors can identify the source of the pain and can recommend neck pain treatment plans and exercises. Upper cervical care, or a neck joint treatment system that utilizes various means of physical therapy, is valuable in ensuring that pain does not worsen or become prohibitive in Chiropractic Walnut Creek.

  • Causes

    Neck arthritis usually takes place as you grow older, simply due to the wear and tear that have taken place as time passes. However, there are also other factors that are important to note when it comes to neck arthritis and these are the following:

  • Genetics

    Your genes play a role in whether or not you are more prone to neck arthritis or not. Studies reveal that other people have more chances of their cartilage breaking down sooner than others due to this.

  • Profession

    Some jobs that require you to do certain actions repetitively or carry heavy materials – such as in construction work – can actually be a cause of neck arthritis, as well.

  • Injury

    If your joint has been injured, or if it has a tear, then the chances of your cartilage breaking down sooner increases due to the inflammation that will take place after the injury. One cause for a joint injury is when you fall from a sport – but, of course, there are other causes, too.

  • Weight

    Those who are overweight have higher chances for neck arthritis to emerge because the more weight there is, there is more stress on the joints. However, another possible reason for this is because those with more weight can experience inflammation that is more damaging.

Some Facts You Should Know About Neck Arthritis In Chiropractic: Walnut Creek

  • Symptoms

    Neck arthritis has a specific set of symptoms, but as mentioned above, these symptoms can also be indicative of something more benign like simple neck pain or situational physical stress. That is why it is so vital to visit one of the many Walnut Creek chiropractors who can provide a full assessment and offer a more conclusive opinion.

  • Stiffness

    Some symptoms to be wary of include stiffness of the neck and difficulty maintaining an acceptable range of motion in the neck. Bending the neck upwards or in a particular direction may cause an unusual amount of pain and discomfort. Pain in the shoulders and upper arms as well as shooting pains often accompany neck arthritis.

  • Headaches

    Headaches are also a strong indicator of neck arthritis, but because they are such an ambiguous symptom, it is helpful to relay all of the symptoms you have been experiencing so your Walnut Creek chiropractor can better diagnose you and implement a neck pain treatment plan. Symptoms can worsen upon waking up, right before bed and after repetitive and vigorous physical activity, so it is vital to disclose the timing of your pain to your chiropractor.

  • Numbness

    If the neck arthritis is more severe and creates pressure on the spinal cord, some attendant symptoms are numbness and a feeling of weakness and restlessness in the neck, shoulders and upper arms. Coordination may become less manageable and can be accompanied by muscle spasms.

Walnut Creek Chiropractor

Visiting your Walnut Creek chiropractor is the first step and best foray into creating a treatment plan. Imaging scans, MRI’s (magnetic resonance imaging) and CT scans are tools that your doctor may use to target the nature and location of the arthritic strain. X-Rays can also be utilized to identify the source and degenerative features of the cervical and spinal damage.

Anti-inflammatory drugs, light exercise and comfortable bed rest are all considered to be the first lines of defense against neck arthritis. Visiting your chiropractor is a salient step because of their training in muscle manipulation and massage techniques that alleviate tension and reduce pressure on certain joints and muscle groups.

Your chiropractor may also recommend physical therapy using heat pads, electrotherapy, soft tissue massage, traction techniques and light muscle exercises to release strain and pressure. Mechanisms like cervical collars and postural devices can offer support in more chronic and painful instances.

Epidural steroid injection, which entails injecting small amounts of drugs and pharmaceuticals into the spinal joints is a more invasive method which can alleviate or assist in managing more severe pain. Surgery is the last option in treating neck arthritis due to the invasiveness and potential for unwanted side effects.

However, it can be a useful tool in removing severe spinal pressure and stabilizing the joints and discs of the cervical spinal region. Surgery would only be recommended when your chiropractor feels that the loss of function in your neck and spinal regions is dramatically impeding your quality of life and mobility.

Chiropractic Walnut Creek

While neck arthritis is a chronic condition, it can be responsibly managed with the help of a neck pain treatment plan and frequent appointments with your chiropractor. Neck arthritis need not be a crippling diagnosis and the prognosis is generally quite positive when a patient combines rest, physical therapy techniques and inflammatory drugs when prescribed by a licensed doctor. So, if you’re around the area and experiencing these symptoms, stop by chiropractic Walnut Creek.

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