4 Bad Things That Can Injure Your Neck

neck painExperiencing occasional neck pain is a given for anyone, but for some individuals, neck pain can lead to or indicate neck injury, which can become negatively impactful on your day-to-day life.

While consulting the top chiropractor in Walnut Creek may be the best way to determine the cause of your pain and find solutions to treat your injury, what many do not realize is that there are a number of little things most individuals do every day that can aggravate your body’s most vulnerable muscles.

Read on to learn about the top Walnut Creek Chiropractor tips you could use to avoid aggravating or causing your neck pain.

1. Assuming Bad Posture

Many do not take the time to learn how to understand their neck pain, but as it becomes worse for some, it may be imperative to get down to some of the potential root causes.

One of the most common things many people do that can cause neck injury is assuming bad posture throughout the day. As common as this bad habit is, for the vast majority it can also be relatively simple to fix by becoming more aware of how you hold yourself throughout the day.

When it comes to neck pain, bad posture in this case commonly refers to spending too much time with your head pulled down or forward; this stresses the lower vertebrae of your neck and can strain your neck. The issue of bad posture may be particularly relevant for those who look down at their phone often, or have their heads bent over their desks at work. The first step to remedying your neck pain is being aware of what may be causing it. Further care for more severe issues may be explored with a professional of chiropractic in Walnut Creek.

2. When Stress Is Eating Away at You – Seek Chiropractic Walnut Creek Care

Stress is another common cause that may be leading to your neck pain. Neck pain treatment can be particularly helpful to help you review the immense stress you may be experiencing in your daily life that is affecting your neck muscles and vertebrae. It can also help you address how to remedy that pain in an effective manner.

Muscle tension is widely common for those who experience a great amount of stress in their daily lives, whether for personal or work-related reasons. Visiting an upper cervical care Walnut Creek chiropractor may be recommended to review your acute or chronic pain, and experimenting with meditation practices or yoga may be helpful as well.

3. Hitting It Too Hard at the Gym? Make Time to See Your Walnut Creek Chiropractor

neck injurePhysical activity – for health-related, personal, or work-related reasons – may be recommended for many to maintain adequate health, but the trouble is when individuals pump the iron a little too hard. As beneficial as regular exercise can be, engaging in excessive exercise can aggravate many areas of your body, including the muscles and vertebrae of your neck.

Neck strain can occur while one is weightlifting, for instance, and can become even worse if you do not take care in assuming proper form and taking breaks in-between gym sessions. Hitting it too hard at the gym poses risk to the tissue surrounding your neck ligaments and can lead to muscle spasms as well.

4. Still Smoking? Here’s Another Reason to Quit

Smoking has largely been addressed in recent decades as an unhealthy habit, but what you may not know is that its negative effects extend to neck pain and injury as well. Among other things, smoking can quicken the progression of degenerative disc disease. Chemicals in cigarettes, such as nicotine, can also negatively impact the arteries in your neck, constricting blood vessels in your spinal discs, and cutting off nutrients that help to keep the bones of your neck healthy.

If you experience neck pain and are still smoking, as challenging as the process can be for some, smoking’s effects on your neck serves as another reason you may wish to check out some tips on how to quit the unhealthy habit for good.

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