5 Tips for Easing Neck Pain


The neck is one the most important moving pieces in the body. It turns the head to perceive movement from left to right, front and behind. It’s responsible for holding the head upright and it’s home to the spinal cord. The cervical spine or neck is a fragile and integral part of the body. When it hurts, it can throw off our routine completely. It’s important to take care of your neck and to know which Chiropractor in Walnut Creek, CA, to go to when you’re in need of neck pain relief. Here are some tips for neck pain relief while you wait to get to your chiropractic in Walnut Creek for neck pain treatment:

Tip #1: Massage the Neck

Massage the affected area. We’ve all seen someone rubbing their neck either out of stress, or fatigue, or perhaps even emotional pain. If there’s no physical injury to the neck, rubbing your neck not only feels good, but it touches on certain meridian points on your neck that help ease non-physical pain. If the pain itself isn’t related to injury or accident, this may just be enough. It’ll be a release for a temporary discomfort.

Tip #2: Warm and Relax the Muscles

A warm shower. If the pain is muscular and not urgent enough to get to your local chiropractic in Walnut Creek, warm water will make your neck feel relief, even if temporarily. Additionally, a warm pad or heat pad will also help relieve your pain.

Tip #3: Cool the Pain

Ice your neck. Icing your neck can offer relatively quick neck pain relief and it’s sometimes the best temporary cure when you’re in pain. We recommend making yourself comfortable by sitting on a comfortable chair or couch. Try not to do anything else when you’re icing the affected areas of your neck, so that you can hone in on relieving the pain. Leaving an ice pack on your neck for 20 minutes is enough, and doing it on and off a few times a day is recommended. Pay attention to see if this helps with your neck pain. Your chiropractor may want to know this information to help you better assess the problem.

Tip #4: Don’t Stop Moving

A body in motion remains in motion. If you’re having neck pain and can move your neck slightly, be sure to do so. Keeping your neck in one place may cause stagnation, which will make treatment more difficult. Small movements and gentle stretches, if possible and not painful, will loosen up your neck muscles little by little; no jerking or fast movements. At this point, we recommend making an appointment with your Walnut Creek Chiropractor.

Tip #5: Find a Professional Chiropractic in Walnut Creek

Seek professional help. Your neck is precious. If you know the pain goes beyond any of the above, consult your doctor. Your neck is nothing to withhold from your medical practitioner especially because it’s connected to our nervous system.

Whether you’re specifically in Walnut Creek or the surrounding areas of Lafayette, Concord, Pleasant Hill, Orinda, or Danville, it is essential that you take great care in locating a chiropractor for your neck issues.

Walnut Creek Chiropractor

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