It’s Never Been Cooler to Eat Granola

granolaThe Wellness Revolution continues.  As our collective consciousness continues to shift towards all things healthy and natural, San Franola Granola is in the right place at the right time.  I’m a huge fan of this company because they offer something different and refreshing.  They are dedicated to putting an end to the obesity epidemic in this country and their product provides a real solution to this problem.  Utilizing an old family recipe, San Franola Granola is simply the best-tasting and healthiest granola around.  But, beyond that, these guys make eating granola cool.

Unique:  In the Bay Area, let’s face it: we like food and we are kind of snobby about it.  We like to be on the front end of the food movement, especially if that movement is happening in San Francisco.  Hailing from the East Bay, the founders of San Franola Granola have migrated to the city where they run their office and wade in the local scene.  The distinct packaging and branding give off an unmistakable Bay Area feel.  Most of all, the flavor and texture is unlike anything I’ve ever tasted.  Hand crafted in small batches, this artisan product will win any taste test hands down.  I highly recommend eating with yogurt and fruit.

Healthy:  Unlike typical granola, this product is very low in sugar.  They use a low calorie sweetener and molasses, rather than high fructose corn syrup.  It’s also relatively high in fiber and protein.  The protein source is whey, which helps to boost the levels of the powerful antioxidant glutathione, helping the immune system.  It’s also effective for weight management, as the carbohydrate and fat content is low, while providing a complete amino acid profile for exercise and activity.  The almond content is high compared to oats, which provides a healthier source of protein and fat.

Cool:  Seriously, I never wear tank tops, but this is a pretty darn cool shirt.  In fact, they create 50-shirt batches of a unique color & design scheme and once they are sold, they move on to another design.  These shirts go like hotcakes at their Farmer’s Market appearances and on the website.  There is no doubt that San Franola Granola is creating a buzz and a following that is about to explode.  When you see the San Franola brand on the shelves of Whole Foods and in local coffee shops, remember where you first heard about it.

~Noah Kaplan, D.C

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