Understanding Your Neck Pain in Walnut Creek, CA

back surgeryNeck pain can range from just a mild annoyance to crippling pain that limits even the simplest day to day activities.  In order to understand where your pain might be originating from, it is important to understand the components of the neck that might be contributing to the problem.  Whether your pain is from an injury, chronic illness, or from the wear and tear of daily life, it is likely arising from one or more of the following structures:

  • Muscles – Muscle strain can result from overstretching or overuse
  • Ligaments – Ligament sprain following an accident or injury
  • Bones – Degeneration or misalignments of the vertebrae in the neck

Your bones, muscles, and ligaments are all intimately connected, and in order to find a lasting solution to your pain, the root cause needs to be addressed.
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Healing from Neck Pain Naturally

Many people are seeking out a way to naturally address their neck pain rather than medicating their symptoms and getting only temporary relief.  To understand how this is possible, it’s important to understand how the body heals from injury and repairs damaged tissues.  One of the jobs of your spine is to protect the spinal cord and nerves that branch from it.  When the spine is not normally aligned, it can actually inhibit signals that travel over the nerves to coordinate the body’s many functions, including the healing process.  Upper cervical chiropractic is a special area of chiropractic care with a focus on the uppermost vertebra in the neck, the atlas. It ensures that the atlas is positioned correctly so those signals can be sent and received optimally.

Upper Cervical care does not require any harsh neck manipulations that might further irritate the healing tissues.  The adjustments we give at Advance Upper Cervical Chiropractic are gentle and specific and are designed to address each patient’s unique atlas misalignment.  Aligning the atlas and positioning it correctly beneath the skull will restore both normal movement of the spine as well as brain-body communication that coordinates the healing process.
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