Top 5 Reasons to Avoid the Flu Shot

flu shot5. It is illogical.  The flu shot contains a ‘best-guess’ of the appropriate flu strain for a particular year.  However, the flu virus is always morphing into new strains throughout a particular season.  Therefore, ‘immunity’ to one strain does not provide immunity to the flu virus.

4. It is ineffective.  Have you ever heard of someone getting the flu after previously getting a flu shot?  It’s more common than ice cream.  Yet many people (including myself) never get the flu shot and also never get the flu.  There are many other nutritional strategies you can implement to boost your immune system.  These include Vitamin D3 & antioxidant supplementation, eating a balanced diet rich with protein and vegetables, and getting adjusted by a chiropractor to keep your nervous system functioning optimally.  The nervous system and immune system work synergistically, so keeping your nervous system strong will naturally boost your immune function.

3. There may be side effects.  The flu vaccine injects the flu virus into your body.  This virus creates a response by your immune system that can not only result in flu symptoms, but other adverse reactions.  There are also other ingredients contained within the shot, such as preservatives, that may be toxic to your body.

2. It’s not about health.  The flu vaccine campaign is controlled by the pharmaceutical industry who implement protocols based on making money, not on health.  This is why our country consumes the most medication, yet is the most unhealthy (among industrialized nations).

1. Common Sense.  If the shot can be administered by a Walgreens employee after a 2-hour seminar, then it’s probably not a good idea for your body or your loved ones.

~Noah Kaplan, D.C.