The Weight of the World

heavy backpackIt used to be that carrying a heavy academic load meant a series of difficult classes.  But if your child is like many, he or she is carrying a heavy load of books!  Common sense tells us that a heavy load, unevenly distributed, day after day, can stress a still-growing spine.

Consider these safety suggestions:

1. Make sure the backpack is sturdy and appropriately sized.

2. Select backpacks with waist straps.

3. The maximum weight of loaded backpacks should not exceed 15% of the child’s body weight.

4. Use both shoulder straps.  Carrying the backpack on one shoulder may look “cool” but can lead to spinal imbalance.

5. Consult a chiropractor for regular checkups.  We are experts at detecting and reducing spinal problems in children.

~Dr. Danielle Gray

Special thanks to Dr. Gray for her guest blog post.  She is an Upper Cervical Chiropractor in Main Line, PA.  Learn more about her practice at: