The Best Way to Handle Back Pain Naturally

Treatment for back pain at Advance Upper Cervical chiropractic Walnut Creek CABack pain is very common; however, it is not something to be ignored. Some may feel that it happens so often that they just need to live with it and move on. It is important to remember that the body is an amazing thing and lets one know when something is amiss. Back pain is a warning sign from the body that something is happening that needs attention. Ignoring this warning can lead to serious consequences to one’s health later in life. What are some reasons that back pain may be occurring?

  • Degenerative disc disease: Wear and tear on the discs over time cause this problem. It can also be brought about by an accident.
  • Isthmic spondylolisthesis: This happens due to a fracture pushing one of the vertebrae forward, and it becomes stressed.
  • Lumbar disc herniation or herniated disc: This means that the spongy substance between the vertebrae, called discs, becomes worn down causing the bones to rub on each other.
  • Facet joint osteoarthritis: The facet joints are located at the back of the spine and have cartilage between them. If this breaks down, the joint become unstable and pain is the end result.

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Back Pain Relief in Walnut Creek, CA

Those noted above are only some reasons that a person might have back pain. It is important to seek the care of a professional to find the source. At Advance Upper Cervical Chiropractic, we focus attention on the upper bones of the neck, as this is often the underlying cause of spinal problems. If a bone of the upper neck (the atlas or axis) is out of alignment, it can cause the spine to shift in order to compensate. We use a gentle technique to realign the bones of the neck, and the rest of the vertebrae follow suit. This allows the body to heal naturally and often brings relief to those suffering from back pain.

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