All About Stress

relieve stress at Advance Upper Cervical chiropractic Walnut Creek CAThe number one stress on your body is not traffic, family or your job. Most people don’t recognize this stress because it is constant, beginning with our first breath outside the womb.  Without this stress our bodies would be weak, our bones brittle. You probably have guessed that the stress that I am talking about is gravity.  Astronauts that return from space have a seven to ten day recovery period because of their time in zero gravity.  In just that short amount of time without gravity, astronauts lose calcium from their bones and mass from their muscles and equilibrium. All of this to say, without stress our bodies would be weak. Stress is not our enemy and in most cases stress even makes us stronger.

Let’s use running as an example.  The physical stress from running forces the heart to work harder.  Your body, through a process called anastomosis, responds by creating more blood vessels around the heart so that it can be supplied with more oxygen.  Without the stress from the cardiovascular workout there would be no need for a more complex network of blood vessels around the heart.  So which heart is healthier?  Is it the one with more oxygen supply or the one with fewer blood vessels?  When our body is functioning properly it can meet the demands placed upon it.

It would make sense then to focus on not stress itself but our body’s ability to adapt to stress.  What can we do to help our body adapt to stress?

  1. Get a good night’s rest. ( Allows your body to recharge)
  2. Eat nutritious foods. (Gives your body needed building blocks to recover from stress)
  3. Drink lots of water. (It is the key component in many of our bodily functions)
  4. Make sure your nervous system is functioning properly.

As an Upper Cervical Chiropractor, I focus on the relationship between the spine and the nervous system.  When there is an abnormal shift in the spine it can cause an obstruction to the nervous system. For your body to adapt to stress properly, the nervous system must be able to organize the body to respond properly to the demands put upon it.

By keeping the nervous system healthy, you don’t need to be stressed about stress.

~Dr. Kevin Lin