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I’ve suffered from low back and hip pain for years and have seen numerous sports medicine physicians, physical therapists, and conventional chiropractors.  Unfortunately, none of them provided me with long term relief.  Much of my discomfort was in the sacroiliac area and likely as a result of pelvic misalignment creating a significant leg length discrepancy.  After the very first adjustment with Dr. Kaplan, my leg length discrepancy disappeared immediately and my back pain has significantly diminished.  The adjustment process is quick and painless and I really enjoy the immediate relaxing effect while sitting in a zero gravity chair afterward.  If you’ve suffered from unresolved back pain I would strongly recommend Dr. Kaplan.

– Jon P.

“Before becoming Dr. Kaplan’s patient, I suffered from chronic headaches and upper back and neck pain as a result of being in three major car accidents. He is thorough, explains what the underlying neck/back problem is, and discusses steps necessary to ensure a happy and pain-free life. After just two adjustments with Dr. Kaplan my headaches went away and I have not had a single one since- that’s nearly 3 months now! I am so grateful for Dr. Kaplan’s care and highly recommend for others with chronic pain.”

– Veronica M.

“I’ve been seeing Dr. Kaplan for a little over a month now and he is great! I woke up one morning with severe neck pain to find out that I was misaligned. Dr. Kaplan helped me get back on track and now I no longer have neck or hip pain. I have been able to progress in my everyday running/crossfit.”

– Nicole Z.

“They say when you are ready your healer will appear! Dr. Kaplan is an excellent healer! I’m so glad I found him. He has helped me so much. I have Multiple Sclerosis and my nervous system is messed up. I’ve been going to see him since October. After he adjusted my upper cervical spine my nervous system is on it’s way to being normal! Spasticity in my arms and legs is almost gone. I have more energy and my mind is clearer. Dr. Kaplan takes excellent care of me and I’m so grateful. He knows what he’s doing with the upper cervical spine. Go see him if you want to start your journey of healing!”

– Vickie R.

“I’ve suffered with intense migraines for years, looking for a solution to relieve the chronic pain. The typical medications were no longer working, and worse made me feel terrible. I discovered Dr. Noah about three months ago, and starting going to him regularly. The results speak for themselves, as I am now living pain free & migraine free. The healing process is working, and all thanks to Dr. Noah – his thorough analysis & diagnosis of my problem, the specific adjustments he’s provided to my neck, the protocol’s for healing, and his compassion & calm spirit all make for an extraordinary experience & better yet, I feel wonderful. Thanks to Dr. Noah & his team – i recommend him to anyone suffering migraines or similar upper cervical spine disorder. He’s awesome, and I am grateful.”

– Judy A.

“I’ve suffered from chronic migraine headaches for as long as I can remember. I’ve seen dozens of doctors and tried every class of medications. These specialists have included multiple neurologists, allergists, gastroenterologists, traditional spinal chiropractors, and acupuncturists, but nothing was able to help. Since I started seeing Dr. Kaplan, the frequency of my headaches has dropped drastically, from an average of ten a month to an average of two per month, in addition to a decrease in severity and length. I would recommend Upper Cervical Care to others because it could be the thing that you need to be cured.”

– Max G.

“Ever since starting upper cervical care, my life has changed, I no longer take the drugs, I no longer get migraines, or vertigo. I actually don’t even need my glasses anymore. The changes have been phenomenal. I think everyone needs to know about upper cervical care.”

– Jay M.

“I’ve suffered from TMJ disorder for years. The constant, aching pain that radiated throughout my entire jaw was impossible to relieve. It affected my sleep, my level of energy, my concentration at work, and my overall quality of life. I’ve seen dentists and medical doctors who offered barely any help…only prescription medications that somewhat masked the pain and didn’t fix the problem. In the short time I’ve seen Dr. Kaplan, I’ve already experienced significant results. After my first two adjustments, I slept better, tension in my neck and shoulders decreased, my posture improved, and I felt a shift in my bite and jaw alignment. It has now been just over a month since I began treatment, and now I have little to no pain in my jaw. The difference is incredible. I truly believe that I found a solution to my issues with TMJ, one without pills or ineffective, potentially risky medical procedures. Dr. Kaplan is knowledgeable, caring, and really easy to talk to. He is honest and sincere in his commitment to helping his patients live pain free. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone suffering from TMJ or other chronic pain. I’ve never felt better, and I can’t thank him enough!”

– Lauren D.

“Noah has helped my boyfriend get off the high blood pressure pills all together due to the relief of the nerve pressure and he feels awesome. I don’t know if he would ever have gotten off them without Noah and his help.”

– Alex T.

“I had been suffering from neck pain for several months and had seen three different chiropractors in my search for relief. Each of them brought relief following the treatment, but the pain returned within a couple of days. I have now been seeing Dr. Kaplan for a couple of months and I can honestly say that my neck is getting near to being pain free all of the time. He identified the cause of my pain and has been treating the interference, not just the symptoms. I can honestly say that Dr. Kaplan is the best I have experienced and I give him my highest recommendation.”

– Sheila D.

“I started going to Dr. Kaplan for treatment of tension headaches. I have suffered from headaches and migraines since I was 9 or 10 years old. In fact, Chiropractic is what eliminated my migraine headaches. That is when I became a true believer. Through the years though I have still experienced moderate tension headaches. I decided that I wanted to try a new approach with chiropractic and I had never experienced upper cervical chiropractic care. I have had great results since being under Dr. Kaplan’s care. The severity and frequency of my tension headaches has been greatly reduced. In fact I have only had one or two mild tension headaches since starting care a month or so ago, and before that I was have 2 to 3 a week, I would recommend Dr. Kaplan to anyone, especially if you have tried other techniques of chiropractic but have not achieved the level of results that you want. This is not your typical chiropractic visit. Dr. Kaplan is personable and clear in his communication with his patients and he delivers skilled specific adjustments to the upper cervical complex.”

– Eric W.

“I am thrilled Dr. Noah opened his new office in Walnut Creek! I have been meaning to send my husband in but, low and behold, I found myself there first after days of dealing with a stiff neck. It was my first time ever seeing a chiropractor and I was instantly at ease in his care. From being greeted at the front desk to lounging in the resting room after my adjustment, I can honestly say it was a relaxing and educating experience. Noah is thorough in his client consultation and takes the time to carefully explain his findings and the treatment plan. He is a top notch provider with a gentle holistic approach, and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a chiropractor.”

– Lindsay M.

“Dr. Kaplan’s knowledge and experience help him provide a well rounded approach to provide excellent care for his patients. I’ve been working with Dr. Kaplan for a few months now and I’m very impressed with the results. I actually felt relief the very first time he gave me an adjustment. All the tension and tightness in my neck disappeared. Also, I slept better and experienced a general feeling of well-being. My improvements continue still. Other things I’ve noticed as a direct result of the treatments are less irritability, improved posture, and I believe better digestion. The nervous system is the key to all the body’s functions.”

– Gregory F.

“I feel amazing! Not only am I symptom free, but I also feel like I am functioning at my optimal level! Dr. Noah Kaplan helped me get there!”

– Bijan S.

“I’ve been waiting for a specialized Upper Cervical doctor in the Walnut Creek area. I had been experiencing neck stiffness for about a year. After my initial care with Dr. Kaplan, I have much greater neck mobility, can move my head past my shoulders to look behind me. I am sleeping better and walks with my dog are much easier. I recommend this care to others because it makes movement so much easier, and thus life more enjoyable!”

– Marilyn M.

“Dr Kaplan was able to relieve pain that I have had for 15 years. I have been treated for years by traditional chiropractic methods. None of them were able to truly diagnose the root of the pain. Dr Kaplan was able to identify and treat the root of the pain. After 3 adjustments I had relief of my back pain, and within 4 weeks I was free of any pain in my neck and my back. Dr Kaplan was able to solve an issue I thought I would have to live with for the rest of my life.”

– Josh F.

“I gave it a shot and I must say that I have seen great improvement in my posture, my neck sensitivity has gone away, my energy levels have increased and I have noticed changes with my digestion, which are for the better. I used to get these headaches that would not go away, no matter what I did or took. Since my visits with Dr. Kaplan, I think I have gotten 1 headache and it was nowhere close to as “bad” as they used to be. I am very pleased with Dr. Kaplan. He is a very knowledgeable, honest, and positive man.”

– Andrea L.

“Dr. Kaplan is everything you could ask for in a healer; he is humble, compassionate, and an expert in his field. I walked into the office with a corkscrewed spine and unleveled hips, and walked out feeling clarity in my thoughts and walking in perfect posture.”

– Andrew W.

“I’ve now been seeing Noah for over a month and have noticed the following:
-Better posture
–Almost a total elimination of back pain, which I’ve had issues with for years
-ZERO hip pain for the first time in two years
-Better, deeper, more restful sleep (another benefit I didn’t anticipate)
The treatment simply works, and I look forward to exploring the unexpected benefits that I’m sure are still to come.”

– Adam L.

“Picking a service provider has always been difficult–particularly nowadays with so many honed, focus-group tested formulas designed to draw in customers that maximize the provider’s profitability. Where do you find professionals that balance their interests with your own best interests? I was a walk-in patient looking for a chiropractic specialist to adjust my atlas vertebra to relieve neck pain and stiffness as well as some Parkinsonism symptoms. Serendipity led me to Dr Noah. He carefully listened to my story to determine if he could help me; then, he completed a treatment plan to get the desired benefit. Throughout the process, he was earnest, careful, and deliberate. We experimented with different treatment protocols until we found one that worked for me. His adjustments were confidently but conservatively applied–trusting that the body knows best how to heal itself. After my third adjustment, the12-year old pain in the neck was gone! And he patiently worked with me until my adjustments held and the benefits lasted. So, if you’re looking for an effective chiropractor–particularly one specializing in the upper cervical area, look no further than Dr Noah! He also happens to be a likeable, personable guy that you will enjoy seeing every week.”

– Glen F.

“I had never been to a chiropractor before, My daughter had been having success with Dr. Kaplan and I decided to give it a try as I had trouble with my neck for couple of years. He made a very wise decision as to how he dealt with me with the corrections because of my age, and my fear. I have experienced relief and also was holding pretty well when he left (to open his new practice in Walnut Creek). I would highly recommend Dr. Kaplan.”

– Diane S.

“I came to Dr. Kaplan’s office when I heard about Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care through a friend after many visits to doctors, neurologist, and dentist. I was being passed from one to another to find a cure for my chronic migraines, insomnia, and TMJ disorder. The only “cure” they gave me were sleeping pills, migraine pills, injections to end the migraines fast with cancer medication used to prevent the nausea that came after the injection, and a dentist suggesting jaw surgery. I am 20, a college student, and pre-med but I felt as though my body could not keep up with my goals, especially with all the studying. After going to your office and getting scanned both you and I were surprised with my films. Finally, I had an answer to why I was getting all these symptoms! It just took a few adjustments to reduce my migraines from twice a week to once a month. I am certain that if I continue with upper cervical care my migraines will be gone. I was able to sleep which helped me with school and my social life. Also I felt more energized and happy. Dr. Kaplan is a great doctor and his main goal was to get me better, to prevent the problem rather than just treat it when it occurs. Thank you Dr. Kaplan you have been great!”

– Elizabeth C.

“Dr. Kaplan has been a tremendous help not just with correcting upper cervical alignment but with ongoing health education and spinal maintenance.”

– Joe Q.

“I came to Dr. Kaplan because of my inability to turn my head. My range of motion was so limited that I could not check for oncoming traffic when crossing the street. I also had been experiencing ringing in my ears. After a few visits, I am now able to turn my head and the ear ringing has significantly decreased.”

– Rita H.

“My results over three months were superb. Much less brain fog, increased energy, more focus, better posture, and issues with my digestion fixed. It works and I recommend it. Dr. Kaplan himself is down to earth, knowledgeable and caring. I felt perfectly safe putting myself in his hands. Go in and take the test…. you may be glad you did.”

– Brad C.

“Dr. Kaplan is a fantastic healer! He is warm, compassionate, knowledgeable, and very precise in his technique, which makes me feel comfortable and confident under his care. He listens well and is thoughtful about his approach in a holistic way. I highly recommend Noah and have already sent my loved ones to him as well.”

– Anna P.

“I’ve had anxiety, dizziness, and headaches for a large part of my life. I have tried medication, massage, and had tests run by my MD, none of which led to anything more than temporary relief. After my first visit with Dr. Kaplan I immediately noticed a change for the better. And after seeing him for the last few months, my headaches are essentially gone, my dizziness is totally gone, and my anxiety is few and far between. I have also never slept better. I’ve seen full spine chiropractors before, but never got the permanent results I have experienced with getting upper cervical adjustments. For the first time in a long time, I feel good and I have Dr. Kaplan to thank.”

– Lindsay R.

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